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The rapid rate of technological advancement and the information revolution have opened new series of challenges as well as opportunities. The call emanates from a world that has experienced an explosion of knowledge The Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) is a narrative of response to this call. AASTMT aims to prepare students to adopt these calls by equipping them with technical knowledge and capabilities, flexibility, and an understanding of the societal context of the corporate world. As an institution of higher education, AASTMT is committed to the discovery and transmission of knowledge, while also reflecting its Arab culture and heritage as a hub of research and development in the Arab World after over 50 years of knowledge and experiential learning. AASTMT has established itself as a premier educational institute in the Arab World - being a house of expertise and a successful example of mutual Arab cooperation to give students a real-time experience.

 Higher education is a dynamic and ever-evolving process. Developing curiosity, being in a state of constant learning and innovation, and gaining fresh insights are a must for every professional. With this motive in the foreground and as a part of AASTMT ‚Äď with the help of best caliber and experienced faculty members, the College of Engineering and Technology gives the Arab world the best we have and the best we can. Our faculty members regularly publish scientific papers and research projects along with active participation in seminars and conferences all over the world, thus providing exposure to the latest and most-advanced techniques, systems, research, and technologies. College of Engineering and Technology is committed to constantly upgrading and improving the academic system and infrastructure in tune with future requirements. The College has many international agreements with several acclaimed universities in Europe, USA, UK, and other countries, to provide our students with abundant opportunities to continue higher education in world-class institutes and pursue their internships and summer schools abroad. College of Engineering and Technology has developed a world-class infrastructure over the years with a wide range of well-equipped workshops and laboratories that help students explore the field of engineering in an exhaustive manner. Its well-equipped labs, smart classes with audio-visual aids, seminar halls, and conference halls along with library facilities offer our students the best learning experience.

 To inspire the essence of service and discipline, along with a spirit of student leadership, our college has indeed become a symbol of quality education dedicated to nurturing the talent and aspirations of the promising Arab youth of Arab countries. 

Dr. Ismail Abdel Gafar Ismail Farag

President, AASTMT

 CET Catalogue 2021-2022