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Engineering Catalogue

The world is witnessing a new era that reflects all the massive changes and developments caused by technological advancement in all aspects of science. We believe that for the Arab World to obtain power and glory, it has to resort to scientific and technological development. The Academy plays a major national role in raising generations of youths who can deal with the outside world using modern tools of technology. Such role encourages youths to comprehend and master sciences of the future which in all will enhance their creativity. Since its existence, the Academy was determined to assure its Arab identity.

In doing so, it always took the lead in taking up new science and technology fields to achieve the goals set in its grounds for Quality and Productivity studies, research and services, Computer literacy, Multimodal Transportation and Logistics, participation in training on Crisis and Disaster management, in addition to implementing the latest technique in using Multimedia to serve educational, training and research processes. The Academy also pioneered in connecting the Arab world with Developed Countries in the field of Informatics, establishing the rules for the International Olympiad in Informatics, and Robotics. As we are on the threshold of a new era, the Academy - being a house of expertise and a successful example of mutual Arab co-operation - takes on a new distinguished role of development on the Arab countries and using the latest techniques to implement those requirements, which will lead the Arab youths to a powerful position through discipline, morals, technology, and harmless knowledge.

We thank God Almighty for the success and grace He granted us. We pray that the Almighty upholds the Arab nation and guide its youths to always support the Arab World.


Dr. Ismail Abdel Gafar Ismail Farag

President, AASTMT


Engineering Catalogue