College Strategic Plan

The roadmap for the college of Engineering and Technology in the near term future:

To be nationally and regionally acknowledged as a top ranked institution that endorses excellence in education, research and community services with talented students, caliber faculty and superior facilities.

Consequently and based on SWOT and Gap Analyses, the following goals and objectives of the strategic plan are derived:


Excellence in Engineering Teaching and learning.

  • Developing the capabilities of faculty and support staff.
  • Developing educational programs and curricula in accordance with the needs of the labor market locally and internationally.
  • Promote and develop teaching and learning strategies.
  • Develop students' skills and prepare them for the labor market Skills.

Enhancing the College’s Institutional Capacity.

  • Developing of Physical and financial resources.
  • Developing and updating the capabilities of members of the administrative staff.
  • Renewal of national and international accreditations.
  • Supporting various activities to ensure the quality of the educational process.

Excellence in Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research.

  • Strengthening and developing postgraduate programs.
  • Encouraging the dissemination of distinguished applied scientific research.
  • Developing research plans in accordance with the requirements of scientific research locally and globally.
  • Encouraging innovation and creativity.
  • Funding research projects from national and international institutions and research centers.

Long Lasting International Cooperation with Regional and International Educational Institutions.

  • Expansion of protocols and partnerships with educational institutions.
  • Providing various training and study opportunities for students abroad, as well as student exchange.
  • Supporting joint scientific research, and joint supervision of scientific theses with prestigious national and international universities.

Enhancing Community Participation and Environmentally Sustainable Development.

  • Maintain effective links with the industrial and commercial communities.
  • Develop cooperation with public and governmental institutions.
  • Continuing to serve the community and the surrounding environment to achieve the goals of sustainable development (SDGs).
  • Increase communication links between graduates and the labor market.

College Strategic Plan