IEEE Students Branch

The International Electrical & Electronic Engineers Society (IEEE) comprises the student activities mainly in electrical, electronic & communication and computer engineering departments. IEEE has its board elected annually under the supervisor of a staff counselor.

IEEE in College of Engineering & Technology in AAST&MT is a part of Egypt Chapter among international region 8, which includes Africa continent. The IEEE student branch organizes many tutorials for AAST engineering students ranging from PCB, PSPICE and EWB tutorials to advanced AVR microcontroller design and programming.

The IEEE student branch has many sections

  • WIE: Women In Engineering, was responsible for the organization of the Conference towards a smarter life , and Tri-profession cross roads events, they are interested in improving the role of women in the engineering fields
  • JEEE: Junior Electrical & Electronics Engineers, concerned with the students from basic terms (1, 2, 3 and 4). The JEEE organizes a big event to inform all the new students with the faculty, the departments, fields of studies, services, and laboratories. This event is organized every semester.
  • Computer Chapter: newly added to the branch to deal with computer engineering students, they were responsible for the organization of the IBM recruitment event

It also organizes many events like:

  • Leading your career... Leading your society, organized in cooperation with Amideast, career mideast, P & G, it is usually held in Bibliotheca Alexandrina BA, with a professional accredited training from IEEE international, and it is open for all fields of studies to learn the soft skills required for today''s recruitment
  • Tomorrow''s wireless world, in cooperation with CISCO systems, Mobinil, Vodafone, SWS
  • Towards a smarter life, in cooperation with The Rock for smart cards and access systems, and the WHO
  • IBM recruitment event,
  • The Tri-profession cross road, which gathered the medicine, the engineering and the business management, in cooperation with Philips, Siemens, EIO
  • Also, the branch organizes a trip every year to the EED, Egyptian Engineering Day, held in Cairo.