Monday, 27th May, 2024

Productivity and Quality Institute: An Honorable Past and a Glamorous Present

PQI Overview.

In light of the current economic challenges and sustained economic growth at the domestic and international levels quality has become an urgent need and a goal that different bodies, companies and institutions - service or productivity - strive to satisfy the customer and thereby protect their survival and maintain their competitive rates.

In this spirit and in line with the current challenges, the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport established the Institute of Productivity and Quality in early 1995 in order to qualify companies and human resources to carry out the activities of control, assertion and quality management, which is the cornerstone in achieving the renaissance at the industrial and service levels.

For more than two decades, the Institute has provided high-quality postgraduate studies for university graduates, as well as advisory and training services to individuals and organizations from all sectors of industry and services.

The Institute is keen to use the best methods and available tools to reach the most successful ways of transferring information, acquiring effective ideas in the field of education development, and creating better workplaces, which will have the best impact in spreading the concepts and climate of quality in Egypt and the Arab region. As a result of its outstanding quality contributions, the Institute is one of the leading quality organizations in Egypt and the Arab region.

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