Administrative & Financial Regulations - Administrative Procedures of Enrolled Students

  1. A minimum of 75% attendance in each course is required to entitle students for proceeding into other course activities such as assignments and exams.
  2. In this respect, the instructors are provided with the effective list of students who paid their tuition fees. Therefore, attending the classes without paying the fees will not be considered by the Students Affairs Office.
  3. On checking the attendance, the instructors will register students’ attendance on a separate sheet, which will be activated as soon as the students submit their financial clearance to Students Affairs Office.
  4. Your attendance inside the classrooms will be considered as in-effective or in-active by the Students Affairs Office if you are not financially cleared.
  5. The academic regulations specify the payment allowance period from the starting date of the semester till end of the second lecture. Consequently, you would be penalized by a 10% charge as late fees in addition, of course, to the original fees if you violated the set date for the 3rd lecture without being financially cleared.
  6. When you clear up your financial obligations, you will be requested to submit a ‘Petition Form’ to Students Affairs Office in order to re-activate your attendance into the registered courses.
  7. If you are still late in paying the tuition fees till the mid-term exam, you will be notified that your registration is not valid. In addition, you will not be allowed to enter the mid-term exam. In case you do sit for the exam, your grades will not be considered until you clear your obligations
  8. The Student Affairs Office shall develop an attendance report considering both the effective and informal attendance sheets in order to track the non-payees and follow up on any withdrawals in order to release the effective list of students who are entitled for attending the mid-term exam. No student is allowed to sit for the mid-term exam unless he/she is financially cleared from all outstanding obligations.
  9. An official identification card will be issued for each student to gain access to classrooms, the library, the computer lab, mid-term exams, and any other services provided by the program.
  10. Eligible students for AAGSB identification cards are those who have both administrative clearance from the Students Affairs Office as well as financial clearance from the Financial Assistant’s Office.
  11. The identification card will be available at the Students Affairs Office within 4 weeks from the registration day. Digital images will be used on all subsequent identification cards each year.
  12. Students who are not satisfied with the picture that appears on their identification card may have their image "recaptured." The new picture will appear on subsequent cards.
  13. Other uses for these images include: proctors'' lists, professor lists, and other academic purposes. Images may also be used for the photo directory and internal electronic directories. Data and images are secured for internal use only however, students who do not wish to see their picture in either directory should contact the Students Affairs Office.
  14. Identification cards are not transferable a student is strictly prohibited from allowing any other person to use his or her identification card for any purpose. Identification cards are the property of AAGSB and are intended for academic purposes only.  Every student is responsible for his or her identification card and circumstances of misuse.
  15. A student who alters or falsifies his or her identification card, produces or distributes false identification cards of any kind is subject to disciplinary action.
  16. Lost cards should be reported immediately to the Admissions Officer.
  17. The ID card identifies the wearer as an AAGSB member who has the privileges given to him/her by the School. Students should display their identification card at all times to demonstrate student status to security personnel whenever required. Replacements may be ordered at the Students Affairs Office. A replacement fee of $20 is charged to the student for the first and second losses. A fee of $40 is charged for third and subsequent losses. These cards must be returned to the Graduation Office upon graduation or to Students Affairs Office upon withdrawal. 

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