DBA Rules and Regulation - Dissertation Development Regulations

  1. Students must have completed 36 credits with a GPA of no less than 3.0.
  2. Students’ cumulative GPA must equal 3.0 at least. Any student whose cumulative GPA is less than 3.0 will not be allowed to register for the dissertation.
  3. In writing the dissertation proposal, students should adhere to the following guidelines:
    • Relevance: The ed topic should be relevant to the field of study
    • Interest: The ed topic should be interesting to the student and directly related to his/her career interests and plans.
    • Feasibility: Topics should be limited to those that are possible and feasible for the student to do within the expected time period.
  4. The dissertation should be presented in an organized and concise manner.
  5. Students should submit three copies of the dissertation proposal bearing the supervisor’s signature to the Dean''s Office prior to the allocated deadline for formal registration of their proposals.
  6. For further details, check the "Thesis Development Regulations Handbook” which is located at the Library.
  7. The AAGSB Academic Committee will review the proposals, and upon approval, the dissertations are formally registered.
  8. The academic supervisor will schedule meetings to supervise the students, assign readings and follow up with students while developing their dissertations.
  9. In writing the dissertation, student should adhere to the following guidelines
    • Requirements: students are expected to submit a dissertation of a maximum of 160 pages excluding the cover page, the table of contents, the abstract, the bibliography and the appendices.
    • Orientation: the study is a research oriented activity during which the student is required to formulate the research objectives and adopt the appropriate research techniques in order to present his /her analytical skills.
  10. Students should submit three copies of the dissertation, bearing the supervisor’s signature prior to the allocated deadline to nominate the members of the Defense Committee from the Dean''s office.
  11. On discussing and approving the dissertation, the student should submit 6 copies of the final version for the purpose of granting the degree.
  12. Students who have not finished their dissertations by the end of sixth semester are allowed to continue working on their dissertations for one additional semester without paying any fees. Students who fail to finish their dissertations by the end of the seventh semester will have to register for 9 credit hours in the eighth semester and pay the equivalent fees. (the same for the 9th ,10th ,11th,12th  semester)
  13. Dissertation in Progress will be recorded on the student’s transcript if the Dissertation Phase is extended to additional semester(s), that is starting the eighth semester

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