Registration Procedures of Degree - Registration Break / Leave of Absence Form/ Request for Withdrawal

  1. Requests for a Registration Break / a Leave of Absence or A Request for Withdrawal should be submitted in writing to the AAGSB prior to beginning of any given semester.
  2. The deadline for a Leave of Absence Request will concur with that of registration for the coming semester.
  3. Students who have a medical, family, or financial emergency may find it necessary to apply for a leave of absence. To apply for  Registration Break/ Leave of Absence or a Withdrawal, students must follow the steps below:
    • Obtain the ‘Request for A Leave of Absence/Registration Break or Withdrawal Form’ from the Students Affairs Office.
    • Complete the form and obtain the signatures of the Registration Officer and the Head of Students Affairs Office, then submit the completed form and schedule an interview with the Assistant Dean.
    • In case of a request for a Leave of Absence that might be extend for the entire semester, the student must apply for a Registration Break the application should be made prior to the registration period of designated semester.
    • Once the student has submitted the completed form, the AAGSB Academic Committee will review the student''s petition to either approve it or deny it.
    • A ‘Request for Withdrawal’ application could be made at any time during the study. In such case the financial implications as indicated in the academic regulations will apply.
  4. Students may be granted Leave or Registration Break for a maximum of one academic year at a time only. Students must re-apply for Leave of Absence or a Registration Break status every additional academic year. Students who do not return by the date the Leave expires will be automatically withdrawn from degree candidacy.

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