Grade Point Average

First, for each course, multiply the number of credits (x) by the numerical value of the ordinal grade received (y) = xy. Second, calculate the semester GPA by dividing the sum of grade points by the sum of credits. For example, if a student received by the end of one semester the following grades, B-, B, B+ and F, his/her GPA would be calculated as follows:

3 credit course × 2.66for B- grade = 7.98 grade points
3 credit course × 3.0for B   grade =  9.00 grade points
3 credit course × 3.33for B+ grade = 9.99 grade points
3 credit course × 0.0for F    grade = 0.00 grade points

Thus, the GPA = 26.97 grade points /12 credits = 2.2475. It should be noted here that the grades of ‘Pass’, ‘Transferred’ and ‘Waiver’ will be counted towards degree requirements. However, ‘Waiver’ courses will not be calculated into the grade point average. ‘Incomplete’ and ‘In Progress’ will appear on the transcript, though they will not be counted towards degree credits.

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