Administrative & Financial Regulations - Delivery of Degree Certificates

Graduation Certificates

To receive their degree certificates, graduates must:

  1. Pay all debts to the Academy in full and provide documentation to the Registration and Documentation Office to that effect.
  2. Return their identification card to the Students Affairs Office before they pick up their certificates at the Commencement Ceremony.

Official Academic Records (Transcripts) and Progress Reports: 

  1. AAGSB gives out one progress report by end of each semester as well as the following documents upon graduation:
    • one transcript
    • one ‘To Whom It May Concern Statement’
    • one diploma
  2. Students will receive their transcripts (Official Academic Records) for the entire academic program in no more than one month from Commencement Day.
  3. Upon reviewing their transcripts, graduates who find errors or have questions should contact the AAGSB Registration and Documentation Office in order to address their concerns.
  4. Current students and graduates who need further transcripts must request transcripts in writing. The letter should contain the following information: the graduate''s name at the time of enrollment, degree received, and the date of graduation.  It should also include the name and address of the third party if it is not being sent directly to the student.
  5. The transcript processing time is five to ten working days for graduates. 
  6. The fee for a progress report or a To Whom It May Concern Statement’ is $ 5.
  7. The fee for an additional transcript other than those mentioned above is $10 per transcript.
  8. The fee for an additional Diploma or Certificate is $ 20.
  9. Please note that you should write down your full name as well as the degree program name on the deposit form.
  10. It is also recommended that you submit a copy of the deposit receipt to the Finance Office.

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