Academic Standing in AAGSB - Academic Probation

  1. If at any time during the course of the study, the cumulative GPA falls below 3.0, the student will be placed on academic probation and will be notified in writing to improve their GPA in the following semester.
  2. Students who were on academic probation for one semester but failed to adjust their GPA to a minimum of 3.0 shall be prohibited from registration into the next semester courses. Nevertheless, they will be allowed to register a maximum of 3 courses in doctorate and masters degree programs and a maximum of 2 courses in GDM programs to improve their GPA.
  3. Academic probation students are requested to fill out a ‘GPA Improvement Registration Form’ and get the approval from the Dean of AAGSB.
  4. Students improving their cumulative GPA are given only one additional chance in each of the attempted courses to improve their grades. Nevertheless, such students will keep the higher grade of the two attempts.
  5. Those who fail to improve their cumulative GPA must submit a petition form to AAGSB to check their eligibility and entitlement for another chance (if applicable) using the ‘GPA Further Improvement Petition Form’

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