Academic Standing in AAGSB - Cheating

Cheating is deceitful. It involves using another person’s work during examinations or in the process of normal coursework. Naturally, this deceitful practice shall be subject to disciplinary action. If an instructor or proctor suspects that cheating is taking place, the student shall be subjected to the following procedures:

  1. The suspected answer sheet will be separated from the other students’ examinations, when all are turned in.
  2. The instructor or proctor will inform the student as being  suspected for a cheating case.
  3. An investigation committee will be formulated by the AAGSB Dean to examine the cheating case.
  4. If a student is found guilty of cheating, he or she is subject to dismissal.
  5. If he or she has already obtained a degree or certificate, that degree or certificate shall be considered null and void.

Dismissal from a Degree:

The decision to dismiss a degree student is made by the AAGSB Academic Committee.

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