Academic Standing in AAGSB - Plagiarism

Plagiarism is presenting others’ ideas and studies as our own. AAGSB considers plagiarism as an outrageous act, not to be tolerated. Even if you paraphrase or rewrite the works of others, you must give the credit to whom it belongs, and cite the source. Disciplinary action will be taken if any student at AAGSB is found guilty of plagiarism. A fair process begins as follows when an instructor finds a student guilty of plagiarism:

  1. The student will be offered a chance to explain him/herself in front of the AAGSB Academic Committee.
  2. If, indeed, plagiarism had been committed, an appropriate academic penalty will be taken.
  3. The student shall then receive an official letter explaining the implications relevant to the decision.
  4. If the student is not found guilty of plagiarism, all charges of plagiarism against the student will be ped.
  5. The instructor will re-grade the student work with complete fairness and determine a grade for the course.

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