Registration Procedures of Degree - Changing Information Entered into the Registration Records

After registration is completed, all changes in courses must be made by another modified ‘Registration Form’.  The ‘Registration Form’ change function is used to change the information originally entered in the student''s electronic account.  Students may add a course, or a course but are encouraged to avoid making late changes to their course of study as they may find themselves well behind others in class assignments.

When completing the ‘Modified Registration Form’, students should consider the following:

  1. If you a course, will you have enough credits to graduate?
  2. If you add a course, will you be over credit?  If so, submit a ‘General Petition Form’ requesting approval for over credit.  AAGSB Academic Committee will then review the request and approve or reject it. 
  3. If you are changing the grading option to ‘Audit,’ please be aware that audited courses do not appear on the official transcript and will not be calculated in the final GPA.
  4. If you are ping a course but failed to complete and submit the ‘Modified Registration Form’, the School cannot officially you from that course.  You will be considered officially registered for the course.
  5. Students wishing to change registration information must adhere to the following deadlines:

  6. Fall Semester     :November 1st
    Spring Semester            : May 1st

  7. To use the ‘Modified Registration Form’ after the deadline, the following steps must be taken when adding, ping, or changing courses:
    • Complete the ‘Modified Registration Form’. 
    • State the reason for the request. If additional space is required, continue on a separate page.
    • Obtain the signatures of the head of Students Affairs Office and the course instructor.
    • Submit the completed form to the Assistant Dean’s Office.
    • Continue attending classes until notified of the AAGSB Academic Committee’s decision. Approval is not automatic.
    • The AAGSB Academic Committee will then review the form and approve or deny the request. The decision is final and not subject to further appeals.
    • If the petition is approved, the Registrar''s Office will impose $25 as late fees on the student''s bill. 

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