Innovation one-stop-shop (IOSS)

Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport - AASTMT Egyptian partner of MAIA-TAQA project introduces IOSS – innovation one-stop-shop concept

AASTMT is establishing its "Innovation one-stop-shop (IOSS)" within the framework of the MAIA-TAQA project, whose main objectives include the support to education, research, technological development, and innovation, as well as the promotion of economic and social growth.AASTMT’s IOSS is an entity that offers several services in the field of innovative RE, all under one roof. There is a lack of such centers aiming at providing start-ups and SMEs with the knowledge, technical assistance, consultancy, and networking opportunities required to run a successful innovative RE business in Egypt.AASTMT’s IOSS will develop tailor-made services for start-ups and SMEs seeking its contribution to their business processes. MAIA-TAQA project issues a vouchers call for innovative ideas for SMEs in the RE field to apply for a 20.000 Euros grant.

Main Objectives:

• Capitalization of MAIA-TAQA results and lessons learned beyond the project.

• Increase R&D activity in the EGYPT, by acting as a central facilitating point for SMEs and entrepreneurs, among other target audiences.

• Boost agreements of technology transfer under different structures (research, assignment, consulting, etc.) between academic institutions and enterprises, fostering cooperation through direct links

• Use and exploitation of the results of the studies/surveys/projects carried out, multiplying their impact in the region.

• Promotion of the “continuous innovation” culture and growth.

• Establish a Regional Innovation Observatory in the sector/s of application.

• Link the SME requirements and institutional research and projects

• Provide training and consultancy services for SME

• Establishing a structured entity that offers the necessary comprehensive, tailor-made, and customized solutions means a saving of time and money for the region, as well as resources and effort.


1. Technical services

2. Business consultancy

3. Technical and business training and capacity building

4. Identifying potential innovative projects for funding

5. Cooperation and open innovation among regional players

for more details check Renewable Energy lab Funded by Erasmus projects and AAST

IOSS - launch event -check latest news:

 AASTMT IOSS launch event
AASTMT IOOS launch event invitation


Contact US:


(International programs – MAIA-TAQA)

WhatsApp group:

Contact mobile nr: 01220646998


Physical channel at AASTMT: Dr. Mostafa Abdelgelil, IOSS center manager, G501 Engineering Building,

AASTMT Abou Kir campus, Alexandria, Egypt


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