Vision, Mission, Core Values and Goals - English


To reinforce our higher education leading position in the Middle East and Africa as a house of expertise in the field of international transport and logistics.


College of International Transport and Logistics (CITL) provides an educational, training, and research environment in accordance with international quality standards for students and faculty members by adopting robust technologies for business logistics management in various fields. The college emphasizes the link between theoretical and practical aspects by applying modern teaching and learning methods, training, professional consultancy, and the ion of qualified faculty members, all contributing to the provision of distinguished graduates who can make a difference in the sustainable development of their societies.

Core Values 


CITL seeks a high degree of complementarity and involvement among the college and the AASTMT family around the strategic goals, working on achieving them and putting them ahead of the personal interest.

CITL believes that devotion, dedication, and belonging to the college and the AASTMT are our way to achieve leadership on the local and regional levels.


CITL seeks to provide a model for good leadership at the AASTMT on all levels.

 CITL seeks to offer academic programs that aim to develop leadership skills among the graduates, faculty, and staff.

3Excellence and Sustainability

CITL believes that excellence in education and research, development, and innovation are our way of attaining leadership among universities and educational institutions in the Arab world.

 CITL trusts that excellence must be reflected in our relationship with the larger community through our diverse practices in the area of social responsibility.

4DignityCITL aims at adhering to ethical standards in all educational and administrative practices within and outside the college and the AASTMT.
5RespectCITL believes that mutual respect among all individuals and organizational units is the basis of work at the college and the AASTMT.
6AccountabilityCITL believes that each of us, within  their occupational terms, is responsible for the institutional success of the college and the AASTMT
7KnowledgeCITL believes in the digital transformation and creating a digital and smart college capable of dealing with a high degree of excellence with the requirements of modern universities in the age of knowledge.

Strategic Goals

Goal (1): Excellence in Education

1.1. Reinforce programs that achieve student learning and support students’ excellence in the areas of scientific study and practical life.

1.2. Provide students with appropriate information about the future conditions of the labour market.

Goal (2): Excellence in Scientific Research

2.1. Strengthen CITL’s research capability and scientific research culture through investment in human resources.

2.2. Expand the number of research projects in partnership with various bodies outside the academy.

Goal (3): Strengthening the International Standing

3.1. Design and implement programs and mechanisms to ensure the availability of an international dimension in educational services, scholarships and initiatives offered by the academy.

3.2. Strengthen international relations. 

Goal (4): Excellence in Social Responsibility

4.1. Achieve leadership in the areas of social responsibility through supporting relations with different groups of society related to the academy’s activities and by building a culture of family relations, mutual respect, and achieving safety.

4.2. Accomplishment of the achievement of sustainable development goals with their economic, social and environmental dimensions internally.

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