Postgraduate Studies

🟦College of International Transport and Logistics - Alexandria

In cooperation with (Institute of Naval Postgraduate Studies)

❇️You can obtain a master''s degree in the following disciplines:

1️⃣ Department of Logistics and Maritime Transport.

2️⃣ Fleet Operations and Maritime Safety Department.

3️⃣ Management of port operations.

4️⃣ Department of Marine Environmental Conservation and Energy Efficiency.

5️⃣ Marine insurance.

6️⃣ Maritime law.

❇️You can also obtain a PhD in the following disciplines:

1️⃣ Department of Maritime Economy, Transport and Logistics Services.

2️⃣ Operate the fleet and manage the seaports.

3️⃣ Maritime safety, security and protection of the marine environment.

🔺 Dr. Sameh Qabbari Rashid, Assistant Dean of the Institute of Naval Postgraduate Studies, Office 353 at the Institute’s headquarters, Tel: 01100689849

🔺 Dr. Ahmed Shoala, Vice Dean of the College of International Transport and Logistics, Office 107 at the college headquarters, contact WhatsApp 01285442411

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