Job Fair

The College has continuously offered its students the latest in recruitment solutions and employer engagement venues and bringing career opportunities closer to college students and alumni.

The fair gives students and alumni the opportunity to meet with corporate representatives of participating companies and explore and apply for available job and internship chances. Participating employers discuss career opportunities, the latest trends in the market, and industry-based topics and provide relevant information about their organizations to the attendees.

The fair setting is providing a professional networking channel and easy access between students/alumni and employers to build relationships for future career opportunities.

Summer Training 

Summer training programs are offered for college students to provide them the opportunity to learn and get some practical work experience in a specific field. Fresh and novice collegians can get a real insight into what it's actually like working in a particular job or career field through these summer training programs

Best Project Day

The College organizes each academic semester a best project day where courses instructors nominate a group of students who worked on a particular project and achieved the best results.  

Sports Day

A Sport's Day is staged by CCIT every semester and gives the students a chance to participate and compete in different sporting activities,  the winners are awarded trophies and prizes