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Software Engineering department is a multidisciplinary field that focuses on the study and application of engineering principles to the design, development, testing, and maintenance of complex software systems.

The department typically involves analysis of software requirements, design of software architecture, development of software using various programming languages and development methodologies, the testing and validation of software, and the maintenance of software throughout its life-cycle.

Software engineering students gain practical skills in programming languages, software development methodologies, and software engineering tools such as version control systems, bug tracking systems, and testing frameworks. They also learn about software project management, software design patterns, software quality assurance, and software security.


Degrees Offered

Software Engineering students are granted a Software Engineer B.Sc. degree from the College of Computing and Information Technology (CCIT).

Students can choose to also enroll in the Northampton international program and receive a dual degree from CCIT as well as University of Northampton.

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Market & Career

  • Software Engineer

    A software engineer is responsible for developing and maintaining software systems, applications, and solutions. They collaborate with teams, utilize programming languages and tools, and ensure the functionality and quality of the software they create

  • Software Architect

    A software architect is responsible for designing the overall structure and framework of software systems, including defining key components, modules, and their interactions. They analyze requirements, establish technical standards, and make critical design decisions to ensure the scalability, reliability, and performance of the software

  • Software Quality Engineer

    A software quality engineer is responsible for ensuring the overall quality, reliability, and performance of software products. They design and implement quality assurance processes, conduct testing and analysis, and collaborate with development teams to identify and address software defects and issues

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