Admission Regulations

Admission Requirements

Students must meet the following admission requirements:

  1. Completion of secondary education certificate or equivalent certificates according to the particular requirements of each major.

  2. Meeting the minimum score required to join the college which is announced before the beginning of each semester, in light of the minimum score mandated by AASTMT, as well as the annually announced terms, regulations, and qualifying courses per certificate as specified by the Supreme Council of Education Affairs.

  3. Being physically fit as per stipulated levels.

  4. Showing good conduct with no dishonouring judicial sentence issued against them.

  5. Submission of all required admission documents.

  6. Approval of delegating entities in case of student’s delegation from any country or authority.

  7. Passing admission exams determined by AASTMT.

  8. Pledging to follow AASTMT rules and regulations.

The College of Computing and Information Technology (CCIT) accepts students in Mathematics and Science sections. Science section students must register for an additional preparatory course to cover the mathematics background needed for studying in CCIT. This course (Mathematics 0) is considered as zero credit and must be accomplished during the first year of study at CCIT.

The Academy may reject any student’s admission without stating the reasons.

Admission of Prospective Students

Before the start of each semester (Fall–Spring), AASTMT shall determine the number of students to be accepted in different majors, in addition to the special requirements for each major. Students are accepted according to admission policies set by the Supreme Council of Education Affairs, after passing admission exams and according to the terms specified prior to admission.

External and Internal Transfer

All transfer applications, both external and internal, are submitted to the Admission and Registration Deanery according to the following:

  • Transfer from other institutions:

AASTMT accepts students transferred from other institutions according to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The university from which the student transfers is an institution accredited by concerned authorities with an equivalent certificate.
  2. Transferred students are to meet AASTMT admission requirements taking into consideration the academic duration in the college transferred from and their military status.
  3. Transferred students must not have been dismissed from their previous universities for disciplinary reasons.
  4. Transferred students should meet the requirements of transfer set by the College Council they would like to transfer to.
  5. Transferred students should have completed at least one academic semester in their previous universities.
  6. Courses already completed by the student may be transferred provided that they are equivalent to those studied at AASTMT and that the grade obtained in such courses is higher than a conditioned pass (at least “C” in the credit hour system).
  7. Transferred credit hour grades are not calculated in a student’s GPA but shall only be transferred in their transcript as achieved hours within the graduation requirements.
  8. The number of transferred credit hours must not exceed 50% of the graduation requirements in the college a student transfers to.
  • Optional Transfer within AASTMT

Students may transfer from one department to another within the same college or from one college to another within AASTMT – as per the student’s request – provided the following:

  1. Meeting admission requirements and obtaining approval from the department or college the student wishes to transfer to.

  2. The remaining period spent by the student in the college or major he/she transfers to is sufficient to meet graduation requirements in terms of the maximum limit for academic years or for postponing military service.

  3. Student’s grades in courses, accepted for transfer, and studied at the college transferred from shall be counted and accepted in the new major as part of the graduation requirements.