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Tinkercad for Beginners

With the grace of Allah, the activities of the workshop for the "Wired for Success" family have been successfully conducted. This group comprises an outstanding group of students from the Electrical Engineering and Control Department, under the leadership of Professor Dr. Walid Ghoneim, the department head, and Dr. Rania Aasim, responsible for student activities. This workshop marks the fifth in a series of workshops launched by the group for all students of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology under the title:

"Tinkercad for Beginners"

The workshop aimed to teach young people the necessary skills to practically apply simple electrical and electronic projects, especially using the Tinkercad program. Many students from various departments attended the workshop, along with:

  • Professor Dr. Walid Ahmed Maher Ghoneim - Head of the Electrical Engineering and Control Department
  • Dr. Nahla Aziz Zakkouk - Professor in the Electrical Engineering and Control Department

The workshop took place on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. The Electrical Engineering and Control Department extends its gratitude to all students involved in organizing and ensuring the success of the day. They are commended for their time and effort dedicated to conducting the workshop professionally, and best wishes are extended to them for future success and achievement.

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