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Thesis Regulations

The final step of the graduate Master or PhD`s program is to submit a thesis. 

The supervisor(s) and members of the examination committee will help the candidate meet the tangible requirements of an advanced degree and the intangible basics of conducting and communicating the results of original research in the area of specialty.  A student has up to 5 years from the date of admission to complete all requirements of the degree.  The supervisor(s) of the thesis may request an extension if progress of the student is satisfactory.

Procedures of Thesis Preparation and Discussion

  • The candidate shall prepare the thesis at the end of the study duration and submit it to the College in due course. 
  • The candidate shall submit three bound coverless copies of the thesis for examination purposes.
  • The thesis must be written in English.  A petition presented by the Department to the College may grant permission to the student to write the thesis in Arabic. 
  • An abstract written in both Arabic and English shall be attached to the thesis.  The abstract shall comprise the objectives and conclusions of the research, as well as the research tools used in the preparation of the thesis.
  • The Head of Department of the academic Department shall determine the date of the examination in coordination with the supervisor(s) and the examiners.
  • If the examiners cannot agree that the thesis is acceptable, the Examination Board may nominate an additional examiner and the majority of examiners will determine the result of the examination.
  • If the defense of the candidate is not satisfactory, the Examination Board shall re-administer the examination within at most six months upon the recommendation of the viva voce examination board.
  • After the examination, the candidate shall make all the modifications according to the comments of the board of examiners then submit four final copies of the thesis to the College, one of which shall be kept at the College, and three at the Library of the Academy.
  • The examination board shall comprise at most three members nominated by the Dean of the College the Board shall comprise at least one external examiner and at most one examiner from the Academy.
  • When quoting extensively from copyrighted material, the candidate must obtain permission from the copyright holder and acknowledgements must be made.

Thesis Writing Guidelines

The following documents are the thesis writing guidelines and some Thesis Abstract samples.

Download Thesis Writing Guidelines in Arabic

Download Thesis Abstract Sample 1

Download Thesis Abstract Sample 2

Download Thesis Abstract Sample 3

Download Thesis Abstract Sample 4