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Invest in your future by studying a unique specialization in the field of transport and energy logistics, supply chains, and international Trade

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Why college of International Transport & Logistics (CITLC)?

Get internship opportunities in leading global companies

Become Professional Simultaneous Interpreters

Develop your skills at work

Job opportunities in various fields of development

Workshops with various experts in different sectors

We will Help You , Every Step of the Way

At CITLC, you will acquire the knowledge, abilities, and practical experiences necessary for your career. We will help you every step of the way to take that next step towards a brighter future and career.

What's New at CITL - Cairo

Areas of study

All Supply Chain and Logistics Fields

Degree Programs

Four Important Majors in Supply Chain, Transportation Logistics, International Trade, and Energy Logistics management.

New Majors

Choose Between four Different Majors of Study

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