Logistics and Supply Chain Management

What You'll Study

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Department studies the efficient management of material, product, and information flow to achieve customer satisfaction and profitability. Graduates qualify for excellent job opportunities and learn strategic decision-making methods.


Degrres Offred

Engineering Studies is an Interdispciplinary branch of social sciences and humanities devoted to study of engineers and their activities, often considered a part of science and technology studies(sts) , and intersecting with and drawing from engineering education research.

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Market & Career

  • Supply Chain Coordinator

    Involve overseeing the entire supply chain process, from procurement to delivery, ensuring optimal inventory levels, coordinating with suppliers and customers, and resolving issues to ensure timely and efficient operations.

  • Demand and Supply Planner

    Analyzing market trends, forecasting demand and supply, developing inventory plans, and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to ensure availability of products and optimize supply chain operations.

  • Production Planning

    Developing and managing production schedules, coordinating with suppliers and manufacturers, optimizing resource utilization, and ensuring timely delivery of finished products to meet customer demand and maximize profitability.

Planning Your Career Path

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Career Path You Can Pursue within Supply Chain Managment Degree

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