Energy & Petroleum Logistics Management

What You'll Study

Graduates of the Energy and Petroleum Logistics Department can work in companies providing renewable or non-renewable energy services. They manage supply chains and logistics for drilling, exploration, and project management in energy fields, ensuring efficient and sustainable resource provision.


Degrres Offred

After completing the Energy and Petroleum Logistics program, you can work for energy service providers, managing logistics and supply chains for drilling, exploration, and project management in petroleum, gas, renewable, and nuclear energy fields. You'll ensure efficient and sustainable resource provision for high-quality operations.

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Market & Career

  • renewable energy projects

    Managing and planning renewable energy projects is a job in the field of sustainable energy. It involves managing the planning, design, execution, and monitoring of renewable energy projects such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and others, including resource coordination, scheduling, budgeting, risk management, and compliance with environmental, social, and economic standards.

  • Nuclear energy logistics

    Nuclear energy logistics is a field related to the transportation, storage, and processing of nuclear materials and equipment used in the nuclear energy industry, in addition to nuclear waste management and ensuring nuclear safety and security. Jobs in nuclear energy logistics include managing supply chains, storage, and distribution of nuclear materials and equipment, organizing the safe transport and disposal of nuclear waste, and providing reliable safety and security procedures to protect against nuclear risks.

  • Petroleum and natural gas companies

    Oil and gas firms manage the supply chain from exploration to distribution, ensuring safe and efficient transport of products, coordinating with suppliers, and implementing cost-effective and sustainable strategies. Logistics is critical for efficiency and reliability.

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