Hesham Mesbah

Hesham Mesbah was born on 17th of march 1982, Alexandria. He was graduated from the College of transport and logistics, Arab Academy for science technology and maritime transport.

Hesham got his  master degree in November 2013, and currently works  as an assistant teacher at the Arab academy for science, technology and maritime transport “supply chain department”.


Hesham has been a member of the national Egyptian judo team for almost 15 years now, during this time he had the opportunity to raise the Egyptian flag in many Arab, African and International championships. He is the only Egyptian sportsman who won a bronze medal at the summer Olympic games in Beijing 2008, and another bronze medal in 2009 world champion chip. Hesham was the Egyptian flag barrier in London Olympic games. 


The College of International Transport and Logistics has always been supportive to Hesham and other national champions in their academic life as well as in their sports life.