UTOPIA is a student activity founded on November 2008, by a group of young innovative students at the ARAB ACADEMY FOR SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND MARITIME TRANSPORT, who were aiming to make a difference and leave a heritage for other students to benefit from.
We aim to develop a closer image of how the practical life of work is.
We try and deliver the students at our college with a field experience that they won’t get in the books or in class rooms.

Companies we worked with:
We tackle major companies to help us with our mission. Some of the major
companies that we were honored to work with are:


What do we do?
We perform surveys and find out what the student at our college needs in this stage of his/her
life to create the life that he/she chooses to build. “Educational wise “
Then we tackle the right companies to provide us with a certain amount of sessions, where
certain students will be attending based on a recruitment process, to discuss a certain topic.
After the sessions ends, we perform a workshop for 5 days and divide the students down into
groups to work on a case study including what they have learned during the period of the
sessions, then they present to us their work and solution.
They get evaluated and a winning team will be chosen.

Events organized by utopia:

  • GLOBE: Sessions for logistics, sea freight transport and freight forwarding. Suitable for junior logisticians.
  • SCOPE: Sessions for supply chain. Suitable for senior logisticians.
  • RYTHM: Soft skills sessions.
  • GURU: Sessions for integrating and linking logistics to business.
  • Seminars for career coaching.

Beside educational sessions, utopia also participated in fun days at college through organizing fun competitions for students.

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