What is ITLC ?

ITLC is an emerging student organization in AAST – Faculty of Logistics & International Transport. ITLC is under the direct supervision of AAST administration and its academic staff. ITLC is designed to reduce the professional and the interpersonal gab between the undergraduate’s qualifications and the market requirements with extreme care for their role in the social responsibility and culture awareness.

 Change is the theme of life, everything around us is Change. Life is not a constant, it is constant Change. Change is more than just a word it is more of an action towards transformation and modification, the transformation into a better well-being, and the alteration of a better future.

The idea of Change is not new, and the fear of Change has been a social phenomenon all over history. It is well known that history repeats itself, but it is not known that history is repeated by us.

 If people believe in Change, then they would be willing to Change who they are into much positive, affirmative and optimistic populace. In that case, this world would ultimately become a much better place. Reality however, had shown that Change is one of the most difficult aspects of life, and that it cannot be done in one step, rather, it requires a series of steps in order to achieve the Change that any human being is willing to reach.

 It is by now apparent why we decided to start the most valuable thing in our lives the road map of change… the beginning of development, achievement and progress.

 We all walk through the path of life seeking how to be better, looking for new ways to achieve our goals. Along the road we have ups and downs, sometimes we get what we want sometimes we don’t. , remembering that you never know an end of a road unless you walk through it.

 As fresh students, eager to learn and full of energy ready to make a change, had that idea that thought of becoming perfect…as illogical as it seems to be an impossible goal to reach, as we got more eager to reach it, more passionate, more excited and more devoted about the concept of perfectionism.

ITLC plans session for soft skills in:

     1. Sales

     2. Public Relations

     3. Multimedia and IT

     4. Coordination

     5. Human Resources Management

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