The Maritime Research and Consultation Center  Alexandria

Benchmarking in Ports

The workshop aims to set the conceptual framework for benchmarking in addition to the practical training for the working team of the Sudan Port Corporation to enhance their analytical skills to place the Sudanese ports among other competitive ports and hence suggesting possible means of development to cope with the continues changes in the field of maritime transport.

Workshop program:

First: the conceptual framework of benchmarking:
• Definition of benchmarking.
• Importance of benchmarking.
• Fields of benchmarking.
• Types of benchmarking.
• Application steps of benchmarking.
• Relation between performance measurement and benchmarking.
• Benchmarking in maritime transport.
Second: practical training of benchmarking:
Through assigning group of tasks to the participants and guiding them via instructions and then evaluating their performance. Those tasks include:
• Investigating global benchmarking indicators in maritime transport.
• Assessing the performance of Sudan Port Corporation on the following levels:
        -Internally: through comparing the actual with the targeted performance.
        -Regionally:  through comparing the performance of the ports corporation with the performance of other competitive ports.
       -Globally: through comparing the performance of the port corporation with the performance of the leading ports around the world.
•  Sharing the acquired knowledge from this workshop across the different segments of the ports corporation via working groups.