The Maritime Research and Consultation Center  Alexandria

Professor Engineer/ Ahmed Mohamed Amin (2008 2013)



 Ahmed  Mohamed Amin holds PhD From Glasgow University - UK  1986,

 He is a Professor at College of Engineering - Suez Canal University.

 He works as Consultant Engineer in the field of Port, Dredging Surveying and Construction Management. Involved in more than 150 projects in the areas of Maritime Developments, petrol and water pipelines, electrical and microwave power lines, Irrigation projects and the monitoring of settlement of large structures.

 Since 2014 he had been Consultant at Ministry Transport – maritime Sector till 2015.

 He worked as Dean of Maritime Research & Consultation Center – Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport from 2008 till 2013.

 He worked as Vice Dean for Community Services at Port Said College of Engineering since 2002 and also he was a Director for Research and Consultation Center - Port Said College of Engineering.

 He also worked as Project Director for many projects in Maritime:

  •  North Alsukhna Port  - 1998
  •  Port Said East Port  - 1999
  •  Project Manager, New container Terminal - Damietta   Port – 2006 - 2008
  •  Monitoring the settlement of Damietta Container   Terminal – 1998
  •  Al Arish Port  Bathymetric surveying - 2002
  •  Alexandria Port _ Road traffic forecast for JICA - 2000
  •  Port Said East Port Main Road – 2003
  •  Arbitration Case between Port Said Port Authority and   a Consortium of four international dredging   Contractors  - 2006 - 2008
  •  Container terminal in Port Said East Port Feasibility   Study and Master Plan – 2008.