The Maritime Research and Consultation Center  Alexandria

Former Deans


Professor Engineer/ Ahmed Hasan Maamon (1984-1997)

  • Graduated from College of Engineering, Cairo University. Holds a PhD in Mechanical Control Engineering from Cairo University,
  • Early in his career he worked as a researcher and a technical manager for the project of designing directed torpedoes, and then he worked as the manager of the technical research center of the Egyptian Navy Forces for about 12 years,
  • He worked as a professor of Automatic Control Engineering at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport for 10 years,
  • He had a long time high level gradation started as Dean of faculty of engineering at the Arab Academy,
  • He worked as a Dean of Maritime Research and Consultation Center, MRCC for about 13 years from 1984 till 1997,
  • Professor/ Ahmed Ma`amon is a stand out member in many local and international scientific communities and authorities, he is a Fellow of the Society of Marine Engineers in the United Kingdom and member of the Society of British Engineers-Egypt branch. Also he is a Fellow of the Egyptian Mechanical Engineers Society and a member of the Egyptian Operational Research Society, and finally he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Society for Design and Technology,
  • He resolved the Design of ship machines simulator, and was the chief of a research team for the manufacturing of railway training simulator,
  • The professor had an undeniable role and contributions in many conferences, seminars and workshops in addition to presenting many research papers,