The Maritime Research and Consultation Center  Alexandria

Consultion Services of MRCC

The outstanding services of MRCC are in different areas of maritime transport, where it conducts different research projects and studies along with the distinguished consultation services to many maritime transport related parties. Those services include the preparation of preliminary studies and pre-feasibility studies in addition to the required feasibility studies. The MRCC also supervises a lot of different studies in various fields including:

1.Port Marine and Engineering.

2.Planning and Management of Engineering Project.

3. Management and Economics of International Transport and Logistics.

4. Operational research and its application in the maritime transport industry.

5. Studies and consultancy services related to river transport.

6. Marine and river navigation systems.

7. Providing information services and its applications in the maritime transport industry.

8. Provide technical and administrative support for research and development activities for the maritime transport sector.

9. Providing consultancy services in various fields.