The Maritime Research and Consultation Center  Alexandria

List of Projects

MRCC had a great role in developing maritime sector since its establishment in 1984, through the accomplishment of more than 400 studies and projects in the technical, engineering, information technology, economic and managerial fields. All had led to enhance the Egyptian and part of the Arabian seaports compared to the global hub ports enjoying a proper market share that economically and geographically suite those countries. 

List Of Projects

1.Jetty Construction for the Liquid Bulk of Sokhna Port.

2.Tank Farm Construction for the Liquid Bulk of Sokhna Port.

3.New multi-purpose terminal berths 62-55 in Alexandria Port.

4.Consultancy services for dredging the waterway of Alexandria Port– implementation stage.

5.Developing the northern port of Port Sudan.

6.Consultancy services for designing and supervising the construction of a multi-purpose berth, length of 400 m and a depth of 14 m, in Alexandria Port (berth 85).

 7.Preparing designs and tender document for developing Hamrawein port.

8. Establishing, managing, operating and maintaining of Container Terminal CT3 in Berth 100 in Dekhila Port (BOT).

9. Prepairing feasibilty study and tender documents for establishing a multi purpose terminal in Damietta Port (BOT).

10.Preparing designs, tender documents and supervision of Port Said East Port Infrastructure.

11. Port Said East Port Construction – Design and tender documents of the Quay Wall & Marine Construction operations – BOT Tender for Container Terminal Operation – Supervising the Construction.

12. A Feasibility Study and design for the Entrance Side Channel at Port Said East Port.

13.A Ffasibility study and design trailers and vehicles parking area at Port Said East Port.

14. Preparing design and tender documents of the Quay Wall and Marine Construction operations of Port North Al-Sukhna.

15.Development of North Quay Wall and Marine operations at Sherif Basin in West Port Said.

16. Preliminary design for Sharm El-Shekh and El-Tor Ports.

17. Preparing design and tender documents of Nuwaiba Port.

18. Planning and Developing of Arish Port.

19. Consultancy services for Establishment of a Specialized Port for Holding Company for Carbon (CHC).

20. Execution of a Real Time Maneuvering Simulation for Port Said East Port (CHC).

21.  A Study of The Evaluation and Development of The Saudi Ports of Jubail Commercial Port, Yanbu Commercial Port, Jizan and Dhaba Ports .

22.  Restructuring of Technical Workshops of Coastal Guards – Saudi Arabia.

23. Environmental improvement strategy for Alexandria Port.

24. The Study of Re- planning and Developing of Port Said Container Terminal.

25. Environmental Management System.

26. The Study of Re- planning and Developing of Alexandria Container Terminal.

27. Restructuring of Egyptian Ports.

28. Development of Egyptian Ports Hinterland.

29.  The Establishment of a Logistical Distribution Center at Damietta Port.

30.  Estimating demand on Transport in “Tushki” Development Project.

31.  A feasibility study for the establishment of Port Said East Port.

32.  The impact of large Shipping Alliances on Egyptian Ports.

33.  The Study of Networks and Facilities for Internal, Regional and Global Transport to serve The World Economic Center of The Suez Canal Region.

34.  Study on Establishment of Logistic Center to Serve the Global Economic Center of the Suez Canal and Sinai. 

35. Feasibility Study for the Establishment of a Container Terminal in the Port of East Port Said.  

36.  Feasibility Study For Establishment of Container Handling Terminal in Safaga Mining.  

37.  Feasibility Study of Establishing Logistic centers and Dry Ports to Serve Inland Trade and Transportation System in A.R.E.

38.  Modernization and Development of Egyptian Ports.  

39.  A Study of Evaluation of the Shares Value of the Maritime Transport Companies.  

40.  Development of Human Resources in the Maritime Transport Sector.  

41.  The Economic, Social and Technological Impact of Modern Technology on Egyptian Ports.  

42.  A study of the Role of Storage Facilities and its Impact on the Efficiency of Cargo Flow in Egyptian Ports.  

43.  Transit Containers Trade In Egypt.  

44.  Transport Role in Supporting Foreign Trade between Egypt and African Countries (COMESA).  

45.  Containers handling and maximizing storage capacity in PortSaid Container Terminal.  

46.  Study of re-planning and developing Port Said Container Terminal.  

47. Study for maximizing Performance indicators in Alexandria and Dekhila Container terminals.  

48.  Determine the most appropriate ways to introduce a license to operate river taxi in Cairo  Governorate and prepare  Terms of Reference for the bid.  

49.  Feasibility study for establishing Navigational services company.  

50.  Establishing and operating an Egyptian Maritime Transport Data Bank.  

51.  Studying the application of the single window system in Sudan Seaports.  

52.  Establishing an integrated information System in Sudan Ports.  

53.  Developming and designing the information system in Egyptian Company for Supplies.  

54.  Application of electronic purchases and warehouses management system for General   Authority of Egyptian Railways.  

55.  Exchange of data electronically.  

56.  Implementing an integrated information system for the Maritime Safety Authority.  

57.  Integrated shipping information system 

58.  Integrated Information System for Alexandria Shipping Agencies 

59.  Preventive maintenance planned system for Port Said Container Handling Company 

60.  Railway train simulator project