The Maritime Research and Consultation Center  Alexandria

Engineering Management Department

MRCC is a leading Maritime Engineering and Project Management Consultant in the MidleEast with outstanding experience in the areas of Port Infrastructure Development.

The successful completion of 120+ projects carried out by MRCC stemmed from its experienced staff, the knowledge of the local and international standards and codes, and the well established links with the local authorities.

  •  Engineering Management Department Scope:


  • List of some Engineering Projects:


1.Jetty Construction for The Liquid Bulk of Sokhna Port. 

2.Tank Farm Construction for The Liquid Bulk of Sokhna Port .

3.New multi-purpose terminal berths 62-55 in Alexandria Port.

4.Consultancy services for dredging the waterway of Alexandria port– implementation stage .

5.Developing the northern port of Port Sudan .

6.consultancy services for designing and supervising on construction a multi-purpose berth, length of 400 m and a depth of 14 m, in Alexandria port (berth 85) .

 7.Designs and tender document for developing Hamrawein port .

8. Establishment, managing, operating and maintenance for Container terminal CT3 in Berth 100 in Dekhila port (BOT) .

9. Feasibilty study & Tender Documents for establishing multi purpose in Damietta port (BOT) .

10.Design, Tendering and Supervision of Port Said East Port Infrastructure .

11.  Port Said East Port Construction – Design and Tendering of the Quay Wall & Marine Works Construction – BOT Tender for Container Terminal Operation – Supervising the Construction .

12. A Feasibility Study & Design for The Entrance Side Channel at Port Said East Port .

13.A Feasibility Study & Design Trailers & Vehicles Parking Area at Port Said East Port .

14. Design and Tendering of the Quay Wall & Marine Works Construction of Port North Al-Sukhna

15.Development of North Quay Wall and Marin Works at Sherif Basin in West Port Said .

16. Preliminary Design for Sharm El-Shekh and El-Tor Ports .

17. Design and Tendering of Nuwaiba Port .

18. Planning and Developing of Arish Port .

19. Consultancy Works for Establishment of a Specialized Port for Holding Company for Carbon (CHC)

20. Execution of a Real Time Maneuvering Simulation for Port Said East Port (CHC) .

21.  A Study of The Evaluation and Developments of The Saudi Ports of Jubail Commercial Port, Yanbu Commercial Port, Jizan and Dhaba Ports .

22.  Restructuring of Technical Workshops of Coastal Guards – Saudi Arabia .

23. Environmental Improvement Strategy for Alexandria Port .

24. The Study of Re- planning and Development of Port Said Container Terminal .

25. Environmental Management System .

26. The Study of Re- planning and Development of Alexandria Container Terminal .

27 - Reviewing the designs and periodic supervision of the implementation of the project of establishing the liquid bulk Jetty in Sokhna port
28 - Updating the study of the development of Egyptian ports and raising their efficiency
29 - Structural and architectural design works and preparation of the submission documents for the elevator of the building of the ninth compound
30 - Preparing the tender documents for the restoration and rehabilitation of the Qamariyah Tower building
31 - Providing consultancy services for the preparation of the design for the re-designing of a multi-purpose quay with a length of 400 m and a depth of 14 m to 15 m in the port of Alexandria
32 - (BOT) Preparation of the tender documents for the project of logistic center for transporting cantainers by rail under the limited bidding system
33 -  (BOT)Preparation of the tender documents for the project of a multi-storey garage in the port of Alexandria under the limited bidding system
34 - Preparation of architectural and construction designs for a multi-storey garage in Alexandria port
35 - Consultancy services for the implementation of the dredging works of the navigational channel of Alexandria port
36 - preparation of the employer requirements for establishing a multi-purpose terminal
37 - Construction and operation of the grain (dry bulk) terminal at Dekheila port (BOT)
38 - Construction and operation of the non-clean casting terminal at Dekheila port (BOT)
39 - preparation of (TOR) for maneging, operating and marketing the mall of the passenger terminal at Alexandria port
40 - Re-implementation of the (TOR) for the establishment of an international bid to grant the management and operation rights of the marine passenger terminal and its annexes in the port of Alexandria
41 - the optimal structure of the maritime services fleet in types and cababilities
42 - Preparation of feasibility study and technical design for the construction of a multi-purpose quay of 630 m in Damietta Port
43 - Technical and economic feasibility study for the purchase of a suitable crane for regular maintenance work of the navigational channel and the turning dock
44 - Consultancy services for the deepening of the docks and canal of the sandal basin to 6 meters
45 - constructing a quay of the sandal basin of Damietta port
46 - preparation of the (TOR) of the construction, operation and management of the multi-purpose terminal at Safaga port (BOT)
47 - Supervising the implementation of the project of establishing a third rod for the quay cranes of the Dekheila container terminal
48 - Feasibility study of the extension of berth 96 in Dekheila port by the sea with length of about 400 meters
49 - Technical and economic feasibility study for the construction of berth and container terminal at Dekheila port (berth 100)
50 - Detailed study of the execution of project of deepening berth 96 in Dekheila Container Terminal
51 - Project of design and construction of the second container terminal CT2 in East Port Said Port
52 - Technical study to develop the yards of West Port Said port Container Terminal
53 - The process of re-paving the container yard with an area of fifty thousand square meters for the third time
54 - Technical and financial evaluation of the proposals for the ion of the most suitable consulting office to carry out the design work of the container terminal project
55 - A study on the preparation of vessels of the sixth generation present and future in light of the deepening of the quays of Damietta container terminal
56 - preparation of (TOR) for the ion of the most suitable consultant office to carry out the design works for the project of deepening the container quayies
57 - Development of the northern port of Port Sudan
58 - Study of the construction of a waste incinerator in Port Sudan Port
59 - The project of establishing the passenger terminal at the port of Prince Osman Dokneh in Sawakin, Republic of Sudan
60 - Feasibility study for the establishment of an integrated container service center on an area of 6000 m2
61 - Project of the development of logistics area in the warehouse of Merghem
62 - Preparation of the design and implementation drawings and tender documents for the development project of Hamraouine Port
63 - Preparation of (TOR)  for the design and construction of sea training and supply vessel
64 - Development of Makdurmat Quay in Ain Sukhna - Phase 2
65 - Development of McDermott Quay in Ain Sukhna - Phase 1
66 - The revised study for the rehabilitation and development of the McDermott berth in the North West Gulf of Suez
67 - preparation of (TOR) of supply and installation of desalination plant in Safaga Port
68 - Project of development of the northern berth and maritime works in Sherif Basin - Port Said Port