The Maritime Research and Consultation Center  Alexandria

The strategic Vision to Develop the Egyptian Ports 2020

Workshop scope:

The Port Training Institute (PTI) had organized the workshop to set a proposal to apply the vision of the Egyptian Ministry of Transport to develop the Egyptian ports and lead them towards sustainability and enhancing their competitiveness.

Workshop venue:

The workshop was held at Helton Green Plaza Hotel, Alexandria on Monday the 10th of October, 2016.

Workshop sessions: 

                    Speakers                  Title of session
Dr. Mohamed Ali – consultant of Minister of Transportation for Logistics Sector. "Finding new marketing methodologies to increase the Egyptian ports container handling throughput in regard to the geographic location of Egypt".
Admeral / Alaa El-Din Nada - consultant of Minister of Transportation for Maritime Transport 

"A comprehensive working and monitoring scheme to develop the turnaround time and the container dwell time in Egyptian ports".

Mr. Mohamed Al-Abasiry Abd-Allatif - Head of economic and managerial studies – Maritime Research and Consultation Center (MRCC). 
"How to transfer the Egyptian ports into logistic ports/ centers".
Dr. Mahmoud Ibrahim Mohamed – professor at Al-Sadat Academy for Managerial Science 

"The huge bureaucracy in the state entities that increases the transportation costs".

Dr. Moustafa Saber – Head of River Transport Research Unit at MRCC. "The priorities of the river transport system development plan".
Dr. Gamal Abd-Alnaser"The electronic connection between the Egyptian ports".