The Maritime Research and Consultation Center  Alexandria

Professor Engineer/ Abd AlHalim AlSayed Basyouni (1997 2008)


  • Graduated from Faculty of Engineering major Marine Engineering and Ship Architecture, Alexandria University,
    He holds a PhD in Ship Building and Ocean Engineering, Faculty of Engineering – Glasco University- UK, 
  • He worked as a mechanical engineer at Suez Canal Authority and also worked as engineer supervisor for heavy floating lifting units,
    He had a long time high level gradation started as chief of engineering studies at the Arab Academy, then as a chief of Technical marine training institution known now (Institute of Technical Studies), then as Dean of Port Training Institute, then vice president of the Arab Academy for technical studies and maritime transport research,
    He worked as the Dean of Maritime Research and Consultation Center, MRCC, from 1997 till 2008,
  • He was the director of many projects:
    - Establishing East Port Said Port in cooperation with the German house of expertise (Inros  Lackner IL),
    - Establishing  Sokhna Port,
    - Feasibility Studies for establishing East Port Said Port and the coordinator with Halcrow Ltd in conducting studies in that field in behalf of the Egyptian Maritime Transport Sector,
    - Feasibility Study of developing Damietta port container terminal in cooperation with the Dutch house of expertise NEDECO,
    - Preparing TOR of establishing Sokhna Port,
    - Developing the Egyptian ports and enhancing their efficiency, in cooperation with the German house of expertise HPC,
    - A member of the Steering committee of the Egyptian Maritime Data Bank (EMDB),
    - The professor had an undeniable role and contributions in many conferences, seminars and workshops in addition to presenting many research papers