The Maritime Research and Consultation Center  Alexandria

Economic and Managerial Studies Department

MRCC has achieved outstanding contributions in this field by preparing considerable number of studies and projects in the areas of economics, finance and management focusing on the Maritime Transport Industry and related areas.


  • Economic and Managerial Studies Department scope:



  •  list of some Economics, Administration & Logistic Studies

1. Restructuring of Egyptian Ports .

2. Development of Egyptian Ports Hinterlands .

3.  The Establish of a Logistical Distribution Center at Damietta Port .

4.  The Demand on Transport in “Tushki” Development Project .

5.  A Feasibility Study for the Establishment of Port Said East Port .

6.  The Impact of Large Shipping Alliances on Egyptian Ports .

7.  The Study of Networks and Facilities for Internal, Regional and Global Transport to serve The World Economic Center of The Suez Canal Region  .

8.  Study on Establishment of Logistic Center to Serve the Global Economic Center of the Suez Canal and Sinai 

9. Feasibility Study for the Establishment of a Container Terminal in the Port of East Port Said.  

10.  Feasibility Study For Establishment Container Handling Terminal in Safaga Mining.  

11.  Feasibility A Study of Establishing Logistics centers and Dry Ports to Serve Inland Trade and Transportation System in A.R.E.  

12.  Modernization and Development of Egyptian Ports.  

13.  A Study of Evaluation of the Shares Value of the Maritime Transport Companies.  

14.  Development of Human Resources in the Maritime Transport Sector.  

15.  The Economic Social and Technological Impact of Modern Technology on Egyptian Ports.  

16.  A study of the Role of Storage Facilities and its Impact on the Efficiency of Cargo Flow in Egyptian Ports.  

17.  Transit Containers Trade In Egypt.  

18.  Transport Role in Supporting Foreign Trade between Egypt and African Countries (COMESA).  

19.  Containers handling and storage capacities Maximizing in PortSaid Container Terminal.  

20.  Study of re-planning and developing Port Said container terminal.  

21. Study for maximizing Performance indicators in Alexandria and Dekhila Container terminals.

22 - The economic, trade and development aspects of the new technology in Egyptian seaports
23 - Developing the management of Egyptian seaports by applying the concepts of management accounting as a benchmark
24 - The importance of applying and updating control systems and increasing the safety factors in the maritime transport system
25 - Preparation of professional skills standards for port workers
26 - Future projections for the capacity of container terminals in Egypt
27 - Effect of East Port Said Container Terminal
28 - Strategy for Developing Human Resources Skills in Arab Ports
29 - Feasibility study for the establishment of a hubport in the east of the Suez Canal
30 - Study the development and modernization of Egyptian ports
31 - Proposed Organizational Structure of the Ship Traffic Service Authority
32 - Study of the development of the hinterland areas of the Egyptian ports
33 - Evaluation of development plans in the Arab region and the Middle East and areas of cooperation and partnership in the Mediterranean
34 - Construction of a deep seaport east of the Suez canal and the competitive position of Damietta Port
35 - Study the costs of ships in Egyptian ports in order to encourage the attraction of vessels and increase the transit trade
36 - The study of the development of the labor force of the Maritime Transport Sector
37 - Management system and operation of a fleet of mobile vessels to achieve the best economic return
38 - Maritime transport opportunities for the Egyptian merchant fleet in the Middle East
39 - Pricing of services in Egyptian ports
40 - Preparation of technical documents for the operation and maintenance of bridge cranes, mobile cranes and ground equipment for Shuaiba Port Container Terminal and Shuwaikh Port belonging to Kuwait Ports Corporation
41 - Preparation of the conditions and specifications for the establishment of logistic center for the repair of containers (phase II)
42 - Construction of Logistics Center for Container Repair (Phase I)
43 - Feasibility study for the establishment of a container terminal in Safaga Port for the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport
44 - The most appropriate economic operation of the lines of passenger transport companies among its provinces
45 - Evaluation of the proposed sites for the establishment of dry ports between Safaga and Sohag
46 - Feasibility of establishing a container terminal at Safaga Port
47 - Economic feasibility of establishing a container terminal at East Port Said Port
48 - Professional standards aimed at raising the level of performance of the workforce within the ports
49 - The merge of the maritime companies in one maritime entity
50 - The merge of shipping agencies companies
51 - Study the evaluation and analysis of the operational and financial position of the cargo transport companies
52 - Evaluation of contracts for the operation of new ports (East Port Said - El Sokhna)
53 - The status of the Egyptian company for supplies and marine works in light of the economic and legislative changes in the maritime transport market
54 - The position of the loading and unloading activities of the United Arab Shipping and unloading Company
55 - The global maritime alliances between the giant maritime transport companies and their impact on the Egyptian ports
56 - Conditions of shipping agencies companies in the public business sector in light of the economic and legislative changes in the maritime transport market
57 - Preparation of the study of maritime transport strategies in Egypt
58 - Studying the method of managing the ports under the privatization of companies operating in them
59 - Evaluation of shares of shipping companies
60 - Methods available for privatizing companies in the maritime transport sector
61 - Development of the Egyptian Company for Maritime Navigation
62 - Studying the establishment of a shipping company for modern container vessels
63 - Studying of the manpower of the Public Sector Authority for Maritime Transport and its subsidiary
64 - Study the development of the fleet of the Egyptian Navigation Company
65 - Activity of Maritime Transport in the Mediterranean and Adriatic Basin
66 - Preparation of the Encyclopedia of International Agreements and National Legislations in the field of Maritime Transport
67 -     Conducting a feasibility study and a  TOR for the project of establishing the dry  port in El Dekheila port
68 - Constructing a multipurpose terminal from 55-62 at Alexandria port with EPC system with the Chinese
69 - Studying the establishment of a marketing department in the port authority
70 - Study how to develop human resources to improve the performance of the port
71 - Study of the conversion of open spaces in the port of Dekheila to logistic areas
72 -  the study of performance rates
73 - Available capacities for unloading grain and grain goods at Dekheila port
74 - TOR of the project for the exploitation of sidewalks 71/81
75 - Studying the most appropriate method of exploitation of storage yards in Alexandria Port Authority
76 - Study of the most suitable use of berths 71/81 and the confronting yards at the port of Alexandria
77 - Port Performance Indicators
78 - Studying the offer of Medtab to establish a specialized berth in Dekheila port
79 - Determining the priority of the dependency of the Alexandria Container Terminal and the Egyptian General Warehouses Company to Alexandria Port Authority
80 - Preparation of an accounting system for actual and standard costs in accordance with the Budget Law No. 53 of 1973
81 - Management and operation systems of the port
82 - Feasibility Study for the Establishment of a Public Cargo Quay at Damietta Port
83 - Studying the possibility of establishing a logistics center and distribution center
84 - Damietta Port Authority costs
85 - Studying the development of work in the yards and warehouses in Damietta Port
86 - Study of Developing Damietta Containers
87 - Preparation of the feasibility study for the development of the Adabeia port
88 - Preparing the feasibility study for the development of Hurghada port
89 - Preparing the feasibility study for the development of Safaga Port
90 - Preparing the feasibility study for the development of Nuweiba Port
91 - Feasibility study of a multi-purpose terminal in Safaga port with some additional studies of funding alternatives for the establishment of the terminal
92 - Feasibility study for the development of Sharm El-Sheikh port
93 - Studying the development of the fishing port in Al- Tur city
94 - Updating the technical and financial study for the construction of a multi-purpose terminal according to the master plan of Safaga Port
95 - Feasibility Study of Developing the Sharm El-Sheikh Maritime Port
96 - The necessary policies for Port Tawfiq Port
97 - Study of the development of the cost system of the Red Sea Ports Authority
98 - Financial Regulations of the Ports Authority
99 - Technical and Economic Feasibility Study on the Establishment of a Container Terminal at Adabiya Port
100 - The feasibility of establishing an extension of berth 96 in the port of Dekheila on the sea side, about 400 meters long
101 - Maximizing the performance of Alexandria and Dekheila container terminals
102 - feasibility study of utilizing "Al-Beshry" wearhouse to support the company`s logistic activities
103 - Studying the necessary policies to maximize the company's capabilities
104 - Re - planning and development of Alexandria containers
105 - Problems in transporting containers from an Egyptian port to another Egyptian port
106 - Preliminary feasibility study for the construction and operation of a new container berth with a length of 1040 m at East Port Said Port
107 - Feasibility study for the extension of a container berth length of 400 meters at Port Said Container Handling Company
108 - Studying the competitive position of Port Said Container Terminal in light of the current changes
109 - Maximize trading capacity and refine containers at container terminal
110 - Re-planning and development of Port Said Container Terminal
111 - Review the feasibility study of the purchase of mobile crane
112 - Pricing services for Port Said Container Handling Company
113 - The use of Port Said container terminal as an international transit center
114 -  the feasibility study of the project to enhancing the berths of the container terminal and deepen it
115 - Feasibility study for the allocation of general cargo berths (5, 6, 7, 8) to Damietta Container Terminal
116 - study of determining the fair value of the stock for the company
117 - Development of container handling terminal in Damietta Container Handling Company to receive sixth generation container vessels
118 - Study of the transformation of Egyptian commercial ports into logistic ports
119 - Studying the development of transport of shipments (exports and imports) from the government to and from Sudan on the river transport units affiliated to the Nile Valley Authority
120 - The most suitable economic operation of the quay facing CT2
121 - Modernization of Egypt's pivotal role in maritime transport in the Middle East
122 - Study of the Role of Transport in Supporting Foreign Trade between the League of Arab States and African Countries (COMESA and Nile Basin Countries)
123 - Modernization of Egypt's pivotal role in maritime transport in the Middle East
124 - A preliminary study for the establishment of a port serving Benisuef Governorate
125 - Study of the development of Al-Tour sea port
126 - A technical and financial feasibility study for the construction of the CT2 container terminal according to the master plan of East Port Said Port
127 - A technical and financial feasibility study for the construction of the multi-purpose terminal No. (1) according to the master plan of Safaga port
128 - Study of transit container trade in Egypt
129 - Studying the plan of establishing and managing logistic centers and dry ports to serve the transport and trade system in Egypt
130 - Studying the commitments proposed by Egypt towards the Agreement on the Liberalization of Trade and Services among the Arab Countries
131 - Transport plan for rail transport and river transport
132 - Economic, social and developmental assessment of the establishment of free zones at the hinterland of the main Egyptian seaports
133 - Economic Analysis of River Transport Projects
134 - The activation plan of the establishment and operation of a logistics center at the site of Salloum, southwest of Port Sudan
135 - Strategic Plan for Sudan Port Authority
136 - Study the quantitative objectives of the activities carried out by the Maritime Ports Authority
137 - A supplementary study of the stages of professional classification in Sudan Port Authority
138 - Study of review and assessment of Sudanese ports tariff
139 - Studying the handling problems of the of casting goods at Port Sudan Port
140 - Measuring the efficiency of employees in the professional classification of the Sudanese Maritime Ports Authority
141 - Studying Balanced Scorecard Design for Port Sudan Port
142 - Development of Edku Port
143 - The feasibility study of the expansion of Triumph Shipping Company for the acquisition and operation of 2  dry bulk vessels
144 - Study of the exploitation of the energy of the mineral berth No. (90) in the port of Dekheila
145 - Consulting works for establishing a specialized port for the Egyptian Hydrocarbons Company
146 - Strategy for the establishment of a transport network linking the countries of the Agadir Agreement between them and with the European Union, Phase 2  
147 - Development of the use of the phosphate quay at Safaga Port, Phase 2
148 - Development of the use of phosphate quay in Safaga Port, Phase 1
149 - Providing technical and contractual consultancy services to study the problems related to the containers yard at the Alexandria International Container Terminal in Alexandria Port
150 - Feasibility Study for Establishing a special liquid Bulk Terminal at Sherif Basin in Port Said
151 - Feasibility of Port Said Marina Project