The Maritime Research and Consultation Center  Alexandria

Evaluation Schemes of Investment in Seaports and How to Conduct an Economic Feasibility Study

Workshop scope:

The workshop aims at enhancing the research abilities of those whom are responsible for conducting the investments strategic plans and setting the development proposals at the Sudan Port Corporation. 
The importance of the workshop resulted from the huge magnitude of the investments in seaports and the related need to evaluate to what extent the investment decision is economically feasible before applying it which will eventually lead to increasing the efficiency of investment decision making.

Workshop venue:

The workshop was held at Sudan Port Corporation, Sudan,  from 22/10/2017 until 26/10/2017.

Workshop sessions:

1. Determining the objectives of the investment decision.
2. Preliminary feasibility study.
3. Financial feasibility study of projects and their profitability, including:
      • Market study and demand forecast.
      • Technical study and costs estimation under the different technical available alternatives.
      • Studying and evaluating the funding alternatives.
       • Financial evaluation of the project to evaluate the profitability using the well-known financial evaluation techniques.
4. Economic feasibility study of the project.


The attendees were over 70 participants from different departments in the Sudan Port Corporation, including:
• Planning, research, marketing and operation management department.
• Engineering department.
• Project management department.
• Middle class managerial level in different ports.