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Why Electrical & Control Engineering in AASTMT

The capital consumption of electrical energy (i.e.: electrical energy generation and utilization.) is considered as one of the main factors used to measure the degree of development of any nation. The generation of electricity, its transmission and distribution are thus of primary concern to all developing and rapidly industrializing countries. It is estimated that around 80% of generated power is used to drive motors, electrical drives and power electronics (which are the major fields of electrical power engineering).

With electrification projects forging ahead in developing countries and peak demand forecast doubling every ten years, there is a strong need for expert engineers in generation, transmission and distribution. Qualified Electrical engineers will also be needed for future promising projects for the development of super grids linking all nations from Iraq in the east to Morocco in the west and from North Africa across the continent to South Africa with eventual interconnection with Europe. The scope of electrical power engineering is thus very wide and power engineers are required to be knowledgeable in both conventional and cutting-edge smart-grid-related topics such as integration of renewable energy sources.

Automatic control engineering (which is a major field within Electric Engineering Department) is responsible for the modern way of life as it has indeed revolutionized all aspects of both civil and military life. Its industrial applications have speeded up the production and improved the quality of a very large number of manufactured goods. In addition, the wide use of automatic control systems has increased to the reliability, stability and cost-effectiveness of generation, transmission and distribution sectors within the power systems.

Why join the Electrical & Control Engineering Department?

  • Promising plans (both locally and worldwide) involving renewable sources and electric vehicle applications requires qualified Electrical Engineers( Click here to check Markets & Job Opportunities).
  • The Electrical and Control Engineering department in AASTMT is the only department which concern studying the control engineering beside the electrical engineering among other universities in Egypt.
  • Most of teaching assistants have the PhD from international universities in Europe.  
  • The department offers a practical training in companies for students in Egypt and abroad.
  • The department has many laboratories that cover all essential topics needed for an Electrical Engineer.
  • Courses and laboratories are in continues development to achieve the international standards and job market requirements.