Forging AASTMT Research into Commercialization

For decades both academic institutions and industry have been working on long-term collaboration. To date, AASTMT places the transformation of early-stage research into commercialized outputs at its core values. At the strategic level of AASTMT planning, we are always looking forward to reserving our seats in the future. At AASTMT, we are interested in bringing our talents to the industry. One recent strategy for implementing such an approach was our presence at the Transmea 2023. The fifth round of the event took place this November and brought together key players locally and regionally in the field of producing smarter technologies for efficient and faster transport and logistics (read more about the event).


As part of delivering impact, we focus on commercialized research as much as groundwork research projects. During our presence at the Transmea conference we showcased several prospects for industrial solutions in the field of international transport and logistics (learn more about this field of study at AASTMT). The AASTMT student group Roben presented an Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV). The student-led team is an award-winning team that is passionate about the creation of multicopter drones and fixed-wing aircraft. The College of Artifical Iintelligence presented its own Robot “Nour”. Nour is an AI-created robot that works as a teaching assistant in the field of higher education. Also, AASTMT presented an “ROV”, which is a remotely operated vehicle. These Vehicles are also used to teach science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and prepare students for technical careers. 


Spinning out ideas into brand-new companies or products is a strategic direction at AASTMT. Through our Entrepreneurship Center, Regional Informatics Center,  Industry Service Complexand Integrated Simulators Complex, we are dedicated to turning research and ideas into real solutions of sustainable and smart impact (learn more about our commitment towards the SDGs). In 2012, our Smart Village Campus was centred at the heart of the world of ICT in Egypt. Also, our New Alamein  - campus which is pinned at the heart of business and technology -was launched as part of the vision of empowering new urban cities. To date, AASTMT continues its vision towards local, regional and intentional impact. For more than 50 years AASTMT has been dedicated towards empowering generations.