Proposal Preparation and Submission

Use only the official and updated AASTMT GRANT proposal templates provided below. Download Centre otherwise the proposal will be disqualified. Text used in AASTMT GRANT templates should be Arial font, point size 12 and single spaced. The template margins (2 cm from each side) must not be changed. In the research plan, use figures, graphs, diagrams, charts, tables, figure legends and footnotes, where appropriate. The pages of the research plan must be numbered consecutively as appears in the template where page numbers should appear at the bottom right of each page. The application with the GANNT form and the Budget form must be in A4 size, each bound and should be submitted on line to the site in PDF format. Incomplete proposals may be rejected. However, AASTMT GRANT strongly advises LPIs to submit their applications well before the submission deadline.

All proposals must be written in English language, and as described below, using the updated official template available at AASTMT site. The Project description document has to be on the following structure, and may not exceed 30 pages excluding the cover page, table of contents and references:

  • Proposal Details Title: (less than 200 characters).
  • Short Title or Acronym: (max. 15 letters).
  • Keywords:.
  • Duration: Up to 12 months.
  • Total cost:
  • Research Theme:
  • Proposal Summary: (max. one page)
  • Background (max. three pages)
  • Questions and Objectives (Max. three pages)
  • Project Description (max. six pages)
  • Research Design and Methods (max. four pages)
  • Anticipated Results and Evaluation Criteria (Max. three pages)
  • Resources (Max. two pages)
  • Team Information (Max. of page per team member)
  • Project Management (Max. three pages)
  • Allowable Project Costs (Max. two pages)