Duration and Eligible Applicants

The AASTMT GRANT is a one-cycle, one Million EGY pound per year grant application of funding, ranging from 20,000 to 200,000 pound per proposal period of 8 to 12 Months. The funding requested should therefore be realistically adjusted to the actual needs of the proposal. AASTMT reserves the right to reduce the requested total budget, based on the recommendations of the Peer Reviewers.

The project consortium must comprise at least a project partner from at AASTMT. Applicants from Egypt and Arab Countries – who represent research, higher education entities, companies and other legal entities such as NGOs – are also eligible, as the AASTMT encourages collaborative projects involving teams from other Arab institutions and stakeholders. A letter of intent will be needed from the external institutions signed by the head of that research unit and stamped with the official institution stamp. Each project partner will be represented by a Principal Investigator (PI) who must hold a research oriented doctorate and have a good track record in research and particularly strong research skills and experience in the field of the proposed project. The Project Consortium designates one of the PI’s as Project Coordinator or the Lead PI (LPI). Coordination by an AASTMT- PI is a must. Each researcher is eligible to participate as a PI coordinator or a team member in one project in all ongoing cycles. Participate in the preparation of the proposal and budget plays a distinct role in the implementation of the action cannot sell equipment to the applicant. The consortium of applicants will need to draw up a consortium agreement, which should include the fair handling of IPR, before the Grant Agreements. Researchers submitting proposals are obliged to report submission of the same or similar proposals to other funding schemes, as well as funds awarded as a result of such submission. AASTMT retains the right to reconsider the granting of funds should the concerned project consortium fail to do so. Location Actions must take place in the AASTMT.