About Us

Employ scientific knowledge and expertise academic and technological development in all aspects of the Academy to become the pride of place among the institutions of scientific research at the Egyptian and Arab.
Support and promote, encourage and coordinate and organize scientific research, academic and applied by all means in the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, through the support of research and studies, writing and scientific publishing and the dissemination of knowledge and experience in the Egyptian society and the Arab world through workshops, seminars, conferences and research projects and partnerships scientific.
The values following are the major determinant of the AASTMT of Scientific Research:
·        Scientific integrity and fortify and sustain
·        Strengthen the ethics of scientific research
·        Sustainable development of natural resources and community service
·        Controls the development of moral awareness when supervising the research and Messages
·        Inclusion level of commitment to ethical standards within the production of scientific   examination of applicants for jobs, promotion and Awards
·        Respect the rights of intellectual and industrial property.
·        Analysis of internal and external environment of the institution