Aims and Objectives

To contribute to the aspirations of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) becoming a model national university in the region, recognized for high-quality education, research, training and consultancy, the AASTMT will take a leading role in creating the environment and the tools to foster excellence in research. Because the AASTMT's vision places equal emphasis on teaching and research, it serves researchers by providing full support and effective administrative expertise to the AASTMT's research community. In this spirit, the AASTMT is launching annual calls for funding opportunities to assist researchers endeavours to develop projects that serve in their own progress as well as that of the AASTMT and the National and regional States. These calls will provide opportunities for researchers at all levels, from students to professionals, in the private, public, and academic sectors. The AASTMT GRANT is one of the primary means by which AASTMT will seek to address Research Strategy, and key national needs through research.

The goal of this Call is to create long-term research collaboration between AASTMT researchers and regional research institutions through open competition to achieve the following objects:

1.      Promote multidisciplinary collaborative R&D projects within AASTMT

2.      Support research outputs exploitation and innovation with closer links to regional industries,

3.      Promote the key issues of competitiveness, collaboration and venture capital investment

4.      Support applied research projects that contribute to the achievement of sustainable development,

5.      Raise awareness on importance of R&D and innovation in developing new technologies and their economic and social impacts.