2020 Call for Collaboration Research and Innovation Project


To contribute to the aspirations of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) becoming a model regional university, recognized for high-quality education, research, training, and consultancy, AASTMT takes a leading role in creating the environment and the tools to foster excellence in research. In this spirit, AASTMT&rsquos vision places equal emphasis on teaching and research and serves researchers by providing full support and effective administrative expertise to AASTMT&rsquos research community. Therefore, AASTMT is launching the third call for funding opportunities to assist researchers' endeavors to develop projects that serve their own progress and that of the AASTMT and the national and regional states. This call provides opportunities for researchers at all levels, from students to professionals, in the private, public, and academic sectors. The AASTMT grant is one of the scientific research activities and the primary means by which AASTMT addresses research strategy and key national needs. This call for proposals for AASTMT&rsquos Innovation Research Grants (IRG) is organized and managed for the benefit of the Innovation Hub in Al-Alamein Smart Campus, to which all the grant's outcomes and deliverables will be transferred.



The goal of this call is to create a long-term research collaboration between AASTMT researchers and regional research institutions through open competition to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Promote multi-disciplinary collaborative research and development (R&D) projects within AASTMT.
  2. Support research outputs exploitation and innovation with closer links to regional industries.
  3. Promote the key issues of competitiveness, collaboration, and venture capital investment.
  4. Support applied research projects that contribute to the achievement of sustainable development.
  5. Raise awareness on the importance of R&D and innovation in developing new technologies and their economic and social impacts.



The activities/instruments, which are joints, undertaking by a partnership of AASTMT researchers and other institutions (consortium), which will be funded by this call, are:


3.1. Collaborative Research Project (CRP)

This theme targets new ideas that serve AASTMT strategic research plan to produce new knowledge through scientific research. This theme's scope is to establish proof of concept with a measurable added value in any subject category. The maximum allowable budget for this theme is EGP 500,000, with a maximum duration of one year. A successful application should include the names/affiliations of at least two researchers &ndash who can be postgraduate students - in addition to the Principle Investigator (PI). The ideal expected output from a CRP is a patent/intellectual property. Other accepted output can be peer-reviewed journal publications (Scopus indexed journals at least) and working prototypes/pilot processes.


3.2. Collaborative Innovation Project (CIP)

This theme targets an existing and proven concept/idea that requires further research to mature into a real-world application to bridge the gap between the outcomes of research projects and commercialization by supporting activities related to the first application and further market uptake of innovative techniques, processes, products or services, and helping overcome barriers that could hamper their commercial success. A rigorous feasibility analysis must be provided to demonstrate the expected added value and required resources for CIP. The maximum allowable budget for this theme is EGP 1,000,000, with a maximum duration of 24 months. A successful application should include the names and affiliations of at least four researchers in addition to the PI. Collaboration with the industry and other academic institutions from the Arab world is highly encouraged. The ideal expected output of a CIP is a real-world working application that demonstrates added value and scalability. Other accepted outputs can be peer-reviewed journal publications (JCR indexed journals at least) and patents. CIP should satisfy all the specifications of a commercial product and should be ready to hit the market by the conclusion of the CIP period. AASTMT encourages multi-disciplinary projects to advance knowledge and education by supporting original, competitively-ed research in all fields of sciences with emphasis on the following pillars of the AASTMT Strategy:

 Computer Science and ICT
 Basic and fundamental sciences (physics, biology, chemistry, and Mathematics)
 Climate change and environmental science
 Economics
 Engineering (all disciplines including marine and offshore engineering)
 Medical sciences (pharmaceutics, dentistry, and medicine)
 Social sciences, arts, and humanities (law, linguistics, management and business administration)
 Energy
 Logistic sciences
 Water resource management
 Food, agriculture, fisheries and
 Maritime Sciences.
 Archeology





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    Publication of the Call for Proposals: 15 December 2020

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    Deadline for proposal submission: 15 March 2021

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    Final Funding Decision: 15 ِApril 2021

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    Start of projects: 15 May 2021


Deanery of Scientific Research and Innovation, Abu Kir Campus,

P.O. Box: 1029 Miami, Alexandria.

Email: ygd@aast.edu, Telephone: 0100 60 30 790.