Institute of Maritime Upgrading Studies  Alexandria

Dean Word



It really gives me the utmost pleasure and honor to welcome all captains, marine engineers, and all those engaged in the maritime field and onboard Arab as well as foreign ships all over the world. The Institute of Maritime Upgraded Studies is regarded as a pioneering establishment in the field of distinguished education and marine practice in the Arab World. The fact that culminated in obtaining the ISO-2015 Competency Certificate under the full supervision of the Norwegian Classification Society (DNV) for the optimal application and satisfaction of the Upgrading Studies techniques and criteria, aiming at keeping pace with the overwhelming development in the digital transformation technology in regard to marine transport.

Additionally, the institute is in charge of qualifying and training deck officers and marine engineers with view to obtaining the specialized marine competency certificates (CoCs). Those that qualify them to work professionally onboard ships as well as the different maritime entities in conformity with the Egyptian Ministerial Resolution and in lieu of the regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the international agreement for the qualification and training criteria and certification and watchkeeping (STCW 78) as amended, all of which are conducted under the full supervision of elite teaching staff marked by the highest level of professional competency, qualification, and expertise in a number of outstanding prestigious marine fields.