Institute of Maritime Upgrading Studies  Alexandria



IMUS is a leading institute in the field of distinguished maritime education and training all over the Arab World. It has obtained the ISO 9000-2015 quality certificate under the supervision of the Norwegian Classification Society (DNV) for applying the internationally acknowledged criteria and techniques of qualifying marine studies to keep pace with massive developments in digital transformation technology in the maritime transport industry.

The Institute of Maritime Upgrading Studies (IMUS) is dedicated to helping seafarers, maritime professionals, to build the skills and knowledge needed to advance their careers. We offer a comprehensive range of programs covering all major competencies as per IMO model courses for deck to engine room staff, navigation to cargo handling, management to logistics. Whether you need to upgrade your certificates, transition into new roles onboard ships, comply with changing regulations, or specialize in emerging fields, IMUS has the right training for you.

Our courses leverage hands-on learning using state-of-the-art simulators and equipment to provide practical experience and ensure competency. The curriculum is designed in consultation with industry partners, ensuring relevance to current practices and demands. Experienced instructors, small class sizes, and flexible schedules enable customized support.

IMUS empowers maritime professionals with up-to-date skills and qualifications. Join us and upgrade your career in the exciting maritime domain.