Services and Operating Scheme

The center works on establishment and prepare equipment and support tools, such as:

  • Database of internal and external experts and investigators in marine accidents,
  • To facilitate access to information to support decision-making by appointing appropriate investigators on a case-by-case basis. This is based on experiences and specialization.

The web page of the center in the IMO Compound:

The web page is to facilitate the following:

  • creating an electronic communication channel with Maritime Administrations from the contracting countries,
  • Ease of circulating information and announcing the services provided to the contracting countries and for reporting, if necessary.
  • Announcing the capacity development programs for workers and investigators in marine accidents and other related services.

And primarily to inviting Arab countries to hold workshops and conferences for officials of maritime administrations and investigators in the Arab countries to define the following:

  • The capabilities available at the Academy and the Center.
  • International requirements for investigations of marine accidents,
  • Inquiring from Arab countries about the conformity of their national legislation to meet the requirements of investigations into marine accidents,
  • Discussing the required technical cooperation activities that the International Maritime Organization must provide in coordination with the Academy,
  • Call for signing MoUs with the academy represented at the center regarding the investigation of marine accidents.
  • Discuss the number and size of resources that need to be allocated for the implementation of the MoUs.

We also invite Arab countries to develop plans for support, at least as follows:

  • the GISIS global data, please click  here,
  • Providing information on how to contact the authority concerned with investigating maritime accidents in these countries,
  • Encouraging countries to separate the official investigation authority from the official marine safety authority,
  • Helping in building a database with the names and specialties of maritime investigators in the Arab countries and their specialties, as well as the resources available to facilitate the conduct and contribute to investigations,
  • Knowing the extent and levels of training of Arab (accredited) marine investigators,
  • Inquiring about training requirements and developing capabilities for investigators in Arab countries, and determining the extent of the required assistance accordingly from the marine and academic organization,
  • Inquire about mechanisms and the possibility of unifying Arab standards to determine the type of incidents that must be investigated, and the mechanisms available for writing and reporting.

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