The center may help in any of the following works in the interest of increasing national awareness and achieving a high level of maritime safety and environmental protection:

1. Work when requested as the Arab Consultative Center to contribute to the investigation of marine accidents,

2. Work as a coordinator with a leading role in overseeing the investigation and preparing reports on marine accidents,

3. Acting on behalf of maritime administrations in the region in the field of maritime accident investigation,

4. To propose a road map to agree on a memorandum of understanding regarding the investigation of maritime accidents and put them into practice,

5. Develop the capabilities of countries to fulfill the mandatory requirements of the relevant instruments,

6. Facilitating the creation of an agreement among Arab countries that encourages integration, cooperation, participation and building coherent Arab capabilities in this field,

7. Contribute to the rationalization of all individual efforts of states to avoid duplication and the optimum utilization of human and material resources.