Port State Control Regimes

Port State Control Regimes:

In 1999, cooperation was established between AASTMT and NORAD/NORWAY in the field of Flag State and Port State Control. 

The cooperation involved the provision of a three-year training program for ship inspectors. 

Therefore, a total of 60 inspectors were trained, 50 of which were engaged in work related to inspection. 

A core group comprising 10 lecturers/inspectors was established within the AASTMT as flag and PSC instructors. 

AASTMT was thus self-sufficient as far as teaching and training are concerned. In 2003, the IMO Compound was contracted by the Lebanese Maritime Authority to coordinate the establishment the Lebanese PSC regime and to improve the Lebanese flag state system. 

The system has been successfully established and is still successfully implemented by the well-trained Lebanese PSC inspectors. 

Furthermore, the Lebanese flagships were dramatically improved through the years 2004 and 2005. In 2008, the IMO Compound established cooperation with Saudi Ports Authority (SIPA), by which a Saudi regime similar to the successful Lebanese one was founded. 

In 2012 a practical PSC training course was held to nominees from Yemen in cooperation with the Yemeni Maritime Affairs Authority (MAA).