All Arab countries are invited to sing MoUs with the Academy for the following purposes:

  • Agrees to pay its share in the Center's annual budget,
  • The provisions of this MoU shall be put into effect as soon as practicable, and inform the committee responsible for the center of the progress in this field,
  • Work to harmonize national legislations within two years of signing the memorandum of understanding in accordance with the requirements in the relevant agreements and codes, including:
  • UNCLOS, 
  • SOLAS, 
  • The Code of Casualty Investigation.
  • To put experts in specific fields and disciplines at the disposal of the center to carry out investigations under the supervision of the center while ensuring costs.
  • The center shall bear and pay the costs when it conducts an investigation into a marine safety incident.
  • Inform the center of the contact points and report maritime accidents in the Arab countries to the investigation center.
  • Facilitating effective preparations to ensure that teams investigating marine safety incidents coordinated by the center enter its region, including extracting security clearances and using the facilities necessary for the success of the investigation, if necessary.
  • Evaluating the arrangements in place and assessing the capabilities of each member state.
  •  the data on the GISIS website with the contribution and assistance of the center.
  • Proposing amendments to the final text of the MoU and those related to improving maritime safety and reducing the chance of marine accidents, whenever possible.
  • Notify any amendments or adopt new legislations to achieve compatibility between them and the powers and rights of operating the center, if necessary.
  • Agreement on the core team, organizational structure, and rules for ing investigators.
  • Draw a scheme to incorporate the capabilities and tools that need to be available (equipment, website, database, etc.).
  • Identify and purchase safety equipment and supplies necessary to conduct investigations.
  • Sending trainees, employees, and personnel working in marine investigations to receive the necessary periodic training.
  • Assist in preparing or amending the center's operation manual and investigation operations.

For membership and further details please do not hesitate to contact us.